October 14, 2013

Forex Australia for September 2013s Last Week

Forex Australia

Starting off forex Australia with a look at the AUD/USD for the last full week of September 2013 can help you decide where the pair might be headed for the end of the quarter and the beginning of the 4th quarter. Some analysts believe the AUD is going to continue on its current path of gains due in part to strong Chinese data and weakening USA data. Among other assessments are other USD pairs for examples and updates to help you decide how to trade or train on trading.

Forex Australia AUD/USD sees Rise in USD Quotes

For the last full week it looks like the AUD/USD is going to continue in the overall pattern it has had for several months. The USD gains a little, but it often loses it and then some. July data might have helped August rates increase for the USD seeing .93 cents for the USD to 1 AUD; however, the price is most likely going to continue its overall loss to the AUD. It is of the opinion of some experts in forex Australia that the AUD/USD will rise to .97 cents per 1 AUD. Chances are this uptrend will continue until the Fed actually starts the tapering on stimulus that has been the talk of 2013.

Certainly Chinese data has helped the AUD continue gaining strength against the dollar. Syrian troubles, which are not over yet but at least tamping down for the new agreement, have also affected the USDs ability to gain. Labour data was not as pleasant as hoped for either creating issues for USD gains. The downside is that while Australia would like to keep the AUD in a good currency value, the economic situation needs improvement. Forex Australia needs to see a decrease in currency value to help repair the economy, while the new elected party looks for other options besides mining for the main GDP.

Forex Australia looks at other USD Pairings

The EUR/USD is perhaps the most popular pair in the market, thus worth a look for anyone wishing to trade in the forex market. The Euro has had a bit of trouble waiting for German elections to end and growth data. It created a consolidation period after a significant rise in Monday morning’s trades. Forex Australia open before Europe’s markets enabled traders to take advantage of the Sunday election announcements which caused the USD to lose value against the Euro on happy election news. At the moment the pair is in consolidation, but the target rate will be around 1.3418 with an upwards trend on the Euro according to news experts.

The GBP/USD also saw a breakout in favour of the GBP for the same period. However, there is little to suppose the GBP will hold its ascending channel as indicators in forex Australia show a descending channel is about to appear where the GBP/USD could go from around 1.6077 to 1.5801.

The USD/CHF is on an upswing which is good news for the USD since the quote is around .9130 CHF and possibly heading to .9271 CHF. You can train on the charts for this to learn why experts feel certain moves might happen.




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