October 20, 2013

Countering Stress on the Foreign Currency Exchange

foreign currency exchange

Many people think that just because a retail forex trader works from home he has it easy. However, the opposite is true. A retail trader on the foreign currency exchange, as various studies have shown, is under much more pressure than other types of investment traders and even professionals in other fields.

This stress is similar to the kind of stress that most individuals who work from home face. If you combine this stress with the inherently massive stress generating capabilities of the foreign exchange, you end up with a cocktail of immense pressure that most traders have trouble coping with.

However, it is important for you to be able to cope with this intense pressure and stress on the foreign exchange because failing to do this would either result in financial loss or serious health problems. Here are some ways you can reduce stress while on the forex market.

Take a Break

The best thing to counter stress is to get away from the source of the stress. When it comes to forex trading, this means taking a break from the foreign currency exchange.

Whether this break needs to be for only a few minutes or a few days depends entirely on the amount of stress you are feeling and the extent of losses you have incurred.


There is no better way to counter stress on the foreign currency exchange than to plan for it well in advance. Firstly, you should have a trading plan which is comprehensive in nature. This comprehensive trading plan should also include your strategy for coping with the stress of trading on the foreign exchange.


Constantly reviewing your actions on the foreign currency exchange should also help you keep stress in check because evaluating yourself would create more self-awareness.

This self-awareness, needless to say, would engender more confidence and less panic in terms of what you will be doing in the market. Moreover, you would also learn more about the strategy that you are using to trade in the forex market.

The more you analyse your strategy and the more problems you rectify, the stronger you will feel about your forex trading strategy. As you gain more confidence in yourself and your trading strategy, you will become more relaxed in the market.

Seek Support

Sharing feelings and seeking advice are often underrated especially in professional environments. This is true on the foreign currency exchange as well. However, this mindset is gradually changing in the forex market which is why the concept of social trading is becoming more and more popular.

Therefore, if you are under a lot of pressure then you should try to find a mentor or look to consult more experienced traders on the forex market. They can not only put your mind at rest but also give you tips on fixing individual problems.


Another highly underrated method of alleviating stress is exercising. Regardless of how much stress you are under on the foreign currency exchange, exercising can help you cope with it. Certain relaxing chemicals are released in the body because of exercise.



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