October 27, 2013

Forex Strategies say Compare Forex Apps

Forex strategies

Forex strategies vary from super secret methods of trading that do not work to simple concepts like comparing forex apps for your mobile devices. In this article the exploration is on comparing three options you have in forex that will make a difference to your trading comfort. Comparing apps, brokers, and trading platforms are a necessity. There is a reason there is more than one platform, broker, and app on the market. The simplest reason is you. You differ from the trader down the street. You might trade 13 hours a day as a day job, while the neighbour two doors down is trading in the wee hours of the morning to make a few extra AUD in his retirement account. Another trader might always be on the go trading during the day as he takes a taxi from one point to another.

Forex Strategies for App Comparisons

Apps like all tools have different features. It can be hard to compare them unless you find a site that does it for you. Still, as you use forex strategies consider what your goals are. You are taught early on in forex training to map out goals. If you have a goal of becoming financially independent, making extra cash or trading for fun this will matter to what tools you need. Someone that is rarely moving away from their desktop computer will find an app almost superfluous. A person that is always travelling needs an app that can trade. In other words, you need to be able to look at the app charts and news and then hit the trade button to place an order. Not all apps will allow you to trade directly through them. It is annoying to log out of your app and then log into the broker, thus a point of comparison.

Forex Strategies for Comparing Trading Platforms

Forex strategies also tell you to look at trading platforms for comparison purposes. Just like the apps have different tools and features, platforms will too. One platform might allow trading from the chart and another will not. So thinking back to your goals, what type of trader are you and what do you feel you need from a platform? Once you narrow down the apps and trading platforms you can move on in forex strategies to brokers.

Broker Assessment for Features

If you know the type of app you want to use and the trading platform, you can then narrow down the broker list from over 100 to three or four. Each broker has mobile and web/desktop platforms they offer you. Some might have the same options, but others will not. Their forex strategies are to stay competitive thus giving them an edge over the competition. You obviously have an idea of what you want from forex, so making sure the broker can meet these goals or at least most of them are important. The regulatory agency, spread, and history of the broker are just three points of comparison. Trading platforms and apps are two more.




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